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samedi 3 mars 2012

*The Search for Mystical Experience : A data base project...*

The Search for Mystical Experience

Iain Carstairs

"We’re currently designing a database to store details of events leading up to, and following, any and all cases of mystical experience.
Of course, anonymity is guaranteed.  But what we’re looking for are details about the event, any problems that ensued, how they were dealt with, if they are still recurring, and any symptoms which attended the experience itself.  Your impressions, your feeling about what was happening and might still be happening, are the most important things of all.
Of great interest is also information about your personal upbringing, the nature of your parents’ character and perhaps even that of their parents – whether religious, moral, or otherwise, and so on.
The building of the database itself will be a year-long project to create an online resource allowing people to make use of others’ experiences, point to online reference material explaining the biological aspects, and record their own fascinating details.  It doesn’t matter how trivial it may seem, if you have any information which may be relevant, please drop a line to us here.

The database could be a very important resource; it is bound to yield a great deal of statistical information, but more than this, it will ensure anyone does not have to go through whatever it is, completely on their own.
In preparation for this, a post is being prepared detailing quotes from known cases of mystical experience in the past, including how they were interpreted by the people involved, and the changes which took place within them. Whatever they advised or suggested will form part of the database too.
At some stage we’d like to include DNA information when it is affordable and practical to do so: a bio-tech company in California will have online storage by the end of the year in which full genomes can be stored, and software systems already exist to compare changes within a single person’s genome over time, and also compare variations in a genome with known markers.  We could easily discover something which nobody else knows.  And those are the best things to discover!

One thing in common to all those who have reported some kind of mystical experience is the goodwill they have felt to the human race at large; be assured that whatever knowledge is gained will belong to everyone.  This is a long term project, and its value will become apparent over time: I cannot think of a more useful goal than show mystical experience to be a genuine biological event, with common features, and common factors involved in supporting it.  At last, it will one day be within the realm of science to investigate it.
As always, thanks for reading! "

"La Kundalinī est un concept lié au Yoga qui désigne une puissante énergie qui se trouverait logée dans l'os sacrum. Elle est représentée comme un serpent enroulé sur lui-même. Par la pratique de la méditation, la Kundalinî s'éveillerait et monterait le long de la colonne vertébrale depuis l'os sacrum jusqu'à la fontanelle, progressant d'un des sept chakras à l'autre afin de les harmoniser un à un. La Kundalini est indifféremment désignée comme "énergie vitale", "énergie sexuelle" ou "énergie divine" selon les auteurs qui l'emploient et la tradition qui l’utilise".

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